At Graphmatics Ltd we are Limited to Living The Dream of priding ourselves in daily contributions to the individual’s and the community’s well being. We believe that by sharing the common value we can increase the opportunities of individuals and communities.

Our staff is a diverse topology of individuals with a large range of functional skills and expertise. Our goal is your diversity. Call us if you need fractal analysis or information. If you want to brush up on the math needed for fractals, checkout this collection of college and advanced high school math (free pdf classes and links to some priced age 5-15 classes).,. https://sites.google.com/site/jasonuscl/Home.,. To use a good on line course on fractals try fractalfoundation.org course.,. Some ‘fractal-like’ images are shown at Pinterest.com. There is a good collection of Fractal items at the Facebook Fractal Mathematics Page https://www.facebook.com/graphmatics .,. This sites’ Gallery menu item has a moderate collection of Fractal images.,.

Finally we note that 100 years ago the Germany citizen Herman Keyering began the School Of Wisdom that can today be visited at https://schoolofwisdom.com .,.

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